“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Movie Review

Ah, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” I’ve been waiting for a while to see this movie. I liked the Dark Knight movies and I remember mostly liking the Man of Steel movie. And Ben Affleck…I liked him in something at some point, I just can’t remember what at this exact moment, but I know I did.

First the good. The special effects were cool. Batman’s armor was cool. The surprise thingy at the end was cool. Wonder Woman was–wonderful.
That’s it. I’ll come back to the “good” part after I tackle what was NOT good about this movie.
Dawn of Justice

Dawn of Justice

Overall, the whole thing was very dark and dramatic, and it never let up. There were no dynamics to the movie. I think there was a single pair of sarcastically humorous lines thrown in toward the end, but that was it. This movie was two and a half hours of, “Holy shit, the DC Universe is so much darker than the Marvel Universe, AND the sun never comes up in these cities. Okay, it might have been sunny for one scene, but I think that was only so we could see the utter destruction more clearly.

And here’s the worst part of all the drama. Not sure I’m going to explain this well, but it happened a handful of times in the show. There’d be normal dialog going on, when suddenly, one of the characters would throw out one of those witty but deep one liners that’s supposed to both punctuate and end the dialog, while also making the audience think about its significance or just make them go, “Whoa, that was really a great line!”
In this movie, however, none of these “one liners” made any sense. (I’m going to start taking notes so I can give better examples, but let me create an imaginary example to illustrate my point.)
Batman turns to Superman after they have been chatting about something inane and simply there to move the plot along. Superman says: “There’s still ‘good’ in people.” Batman gets all serious and says with his deep gravelly voice, “People are only good when the goodness of the people is good enough for people to not be bad.” Now, I totally just made that up, and I think it’s a true statement, but it’s confusing at best In the movie, each time one of the characters delivered a similar line, I had to stop myself from laughing. Their deep was very shallow.
And this starts to get to the core of what I didn’t like about the movie. There was a LOT of plot this movie had to get through. We had to build up to the super confrontation with Bats and Supes hating each other and then trying to kill each other (well, Bats trying to kill Supes, at least), then they kissed and made up (not really), and then there was the second half of the movie, that was pretty much another movie all together, where everybody loved each other and respected each other and worked together as a team to kick a baddy’s ass.
Because there was so much plot to cover (my theory), there wasn’t as much time to really develop the characters, and what they did develop didn’t set well with me (and yes, I get that this movie happens in Superman’s world or an alternate universe or whatever. Don’t care.) Plus, Superman is pretty much as I remember him from his latest first movie, but the Batman character, who is supposed to be older now (because they put a little grey in Ben’s hair) is totally different than the way Bale played him (Yeah, I KNOW this is a different universe…). To be honest, both characters were kind of A-Holes. I didn’t like either of them in this movie, and I can’t tell you exactly why without giving too much away re spoilers.
Let’s just say that Bats was way too violent, nay brutal, for me, and Supes was too aloof and above it all. I know the director was trying to portray Superman as an “alien” whom some groups saw as god, but Supes himself played into that concept a bit too much to be believable. And I know that Batman was supposed to be older and grizzled and “changed,” but his character was too one dimensional and psychotic for me.
And that whole last paragraph, by the way, really ONLY applies to the first of the two movies that were mushed together to make the “Dawn of Justice.”
Oh yeah, and Lex Luthor. Just don’t ask. I haven’t been keeping up with comic books, so maybe I missed a change in how he is portrayed, but in this movie, his personality was closer to that of the Joker’s, and the reason he ended up being bald was just ridiculous and…ah, just don’t ask.
And Alfred. Don’t ask. Not Alfred. I like the actor, but he wasn’t Alfred.
Lois? Fine. Good acting. Reddish hair? Whatever. Fine.
Jimmy? Um. Who?
Wait, wait. Wonder Woman? Yes, please. More, please. And I say this, NOT just because she was gorgeous and hot as hell. She played a totally badass Amazonian warrior. She basically waited around until Movie #1 was over, then she got involved, and she just kicked ass and made the other two seem like amateurs (the actors and the heroes).
Back to the good things about the movie. In Movie #2, the battle scenes were well done and entertaining, and I thought the pace and excitement of the movie picked up in general.
Overall, a fun movie to watch, but I didn’t like that neither hero was a HERO until Movie #2 began. And by that time, I didn’t buy the sudden change in the characters. The movie was dark and overly dramatic, with its alleged sharp points of dialog falling flat and on confused ears.
I am, however, looking forward to the upcoming movies leading us to the Justice League movie, but if I had to pick whether to watch an Avengers or Thor or Captain America Movie versus (this) Batman or Superman movie, I’d choose the Marvel ones, hands down. And, I’m more of a Superman/Batman fan in the actual comics.

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