Better Use Beta Readers

I heard back from my two awesome beta readers this week about The Gate. They both presented several solid edits and pointed out different parts of the story that needed tweaking. gold-92570_1280They both also pointed out something for which I am very grateful. Essentially, the story ending accomplished one of its goals, but not the other. It left the reader wanting more–to learn about what happened to the character next, which is good since the story is set up as the first part of a serialized novel. The problem was that it didn’t realize its other goal of leaving the reader feeling satisfied with a sense of closure. Doing a serialized book like this means that the story has to stand on its own as a complete and satisfying read AND make the reader want to download the next installment. This is not how I would normally write the different sections of a novel, but given my choices with this storyline, each piece must succeed on both levels. But that’s OK–I like the challenge, and it makes me feel like I’m writing a serial back in 19th century Britain. I expect the story will be much better by the time I rework the ending.


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