Doctor Strange Movie Review

If you like superhero movies at all, go see Doctor Strange. It was well cast and well acted with amazing special effects best seen in the theater. The story was a little light on plot, and they changed some key parts of the comic book story and magic, but I think it works for the big screen. They also modernized it, so it happens in today’s world in which the Avengers exist (no Avengers crossover in the main storyline, though).

But rest assured, as a person who’s read Doc Strange since I was a kid, and who even sat through the trippy Doctor Strange TV pilot of the late 19870s, my inner nerd was extremely satisfied, and I imagine yours will be as well. As proof, the audience clapped throughout the film each time it paid homage to various fan favorite elements. img_2368

Also, make sure you stay through the credits as there are two extra scenes. This one’s a no brainer. Go see it. And yes, that is my super cool movie memorabilia Doctor Strange glass you see in this post. I was really hoping for the all-seeing Eye of Agamotto, but the glass was the next best thing, and if I’m lucky, it will convey upon me some mystical powers. Enjoy!

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