“Gods of Egypt” Movie Review

Tonight’s movie was “Gods of Egypt.” As predicted, it had a pretty simple plot that was made to be easily followed by audiences, and it had some cool effects. But the plot had a LITTLE more depth than expected and tried to relay a “message,” and the effects were not quite as cool as expected. So I guess they¬†balanced the movie out in the end.
IMG_1180The one effect that was done pretty well throughout, I imagine through a combination of forced perspective, CGI, and a bunch of short extras, was depicting all the “god” characters as being about one and a half times the average height of humans. It gave the film a unique feel. I liked that they didn’t shove the effect down the audience’s throat, but kept it consistent throughout the movie. About half way into the story, I accepted that that gods were taller than mortals back then.

All in all, nothing you’ll beg your friends to go see, but it was pretty decent, mainly because of Jamie Lannister and King Leonidas. Believe it or not, the few shining moments of this film were the humorous comments and the swagger-filled delivery you’d expect from both Butler and Gibbered. There was also a surprise (at least I didn’t know about it) for who they got to play Ra, and I liked their take on the Sun God.
Enjoy this movie. Mostly. And maybe do it on your big screen TV at home. You can even watch it with your kids.

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