The Equilibrium of Magic (The Science of Magic #2)

The World

is out of balance, and only one person can make it right again. Merrick returns in Book #2 of The Science of Magic Series!

There is a world that exists alongside our own–one of magic and of elemental dragons. Merrick used to be a stranger there–but not anymore. He’s become a living legend among the Drayoom. Even the Emperor of the Wind Family thinks he’s destined for greatness and tries to convince him to take the throne of the Earth Clan for his own.

But Merrick has other plans. He’s determined to unite the four dragon tongues into a single language and to uncover the secrets of the mysterious element known only as divinium. Doing so would give him unthinkable power–maybe enough to return the planet to its equilibrium. But achieving his goal may cost Merrick more than he can stand to lose.

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