Buried in Alaska

BiAforWebAfter surviving Vegas,

Trent has to return to Whittier, the place where everything in his life started going wrong.

This novel is the third in the suspense thriller Whittier Trilogy. It also can be read as a standalone novel.

Mentalist Trent Walker has never believed in the supernatural. But even he can’t deny that a dark force has attached itself to his mind and is using him as its deadly instrument of vengeance whenever and however it sees fit.

Desperate to rid himself of his supernatural burden, Trent and his girlfriend travel to the strange, isolated town of Whittier, Alaska, where his troubles began.

What neither of them realizes is that, while they scour the shrouded Alaskan forests for an ancient shaman who may be able to help Trent, a twisted monster of a man who is supposed to already be dead is hunting them as well.

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