Keanu Movie Review-The Cat is Cute

First off, I am a huge Key and Peele fan. I love their sketch comedy so much that I routinely re-watch my favorites just so I can laugh until it hurts again and again. But their movie, Keanu? Well, the cat was really cute.

I saw Keanu on its opening weekend, and the primary thing on my mind going into the theater was whether Key and Peele could maintain their comedic awesomeness for an entire movie. The answer to that was an easy, “nope.” But to be fair, it wasn’t because they tried to be funny and failed. It was more because they failed to try to be funny.

Right. Got that?KeanuMovie2

In other words, Keanu doesn’t even try to be a straight out, full bore comedy. I walked away from it thinking that it was an okay action comedy that didn’t have that much action in it, a comedy without tons of comedy, a drama that wasn’t that dramatic, a romance that kind of got thrown in toward the end, and a movie about a cat that didn’t have that much “kitten” in it. The movies straddled so many genres that it ended up doing a sufficient job at everything while not excelling at anything.

Both Key and Peele put in good performances, as did Method Man, and I don’t think anyone will be really bored by this film. In fact, there are a few scenes that are pretty funny, but nothing that comes even close to the intensity of laughter delivered by just one of the their sketches.

I would recommend that Key and Peele fans see this movie (maybe on pay-per-view), but don’t expect to laugh like you might while watching some of their classic routines, such as Slap Ass, Substitute Teacher, or Prepared for Terries. Each of those can make me laugh more in four-and-a-half minutes than I laughed during the entire showing of Keanu.

But hey, the kitten was pretty darn cute, and I’m not even a cat person.

By the way, if you’d like to see the funniest thing to come about because of this film, watch this insanely hilarious interview with Key and Peele as they try to coherently answer questions while eating consecutively hotter spicy wings. I guarantee you will laugh until it hurts. Enjoy!

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