London Has Fallen Movie Review

Last week I saw “London Has Fallen.” It was sort of a sequel to “Olympus Has Fallen,” but basically it was the same movie with some small tweaks here and there. As I said, it’s been a week since I saw this thing, and I’m just getting around to writing a review about it.

That alone should tell you something.

In one word, the movie was “meh.” Not horrible at all. Not great either.

The plot was predictable. Very.
IMG_1233The acting was…well done, and the same man who, the week previous, had been an Egyptian god (with a Scottish accent) was a straight shooting, smart-alecky, but dedicated, Secret Service agent in this movie. And to be fair, he has a way of delivering lines that would fall flat from the mouths of others. But to me, this movie came across and tasted more like a pro-drone, American propaganda movie more than it did as an actual story.

And before you judge me for saying so, even the main character has a WTF moment in the thick of the action where he questions the whole premise of what’s going on.

Let me explain, hopefully without ruining the plot.

In this film, when Americans kill a whole bunch of innocent people (at a wedding for goodness sake) because there’s a single bad guy there, well that’s okay. “Hey, man. We had NO idea those colorful tents had innocent people in them!”

But when a bad guy later retaliates with a scheme that is so far outside the realm of even remote possibility as to be unbelievable, we (and the Brits) declare the bad buy to be a very very bad guy. Cause, you know, it’s not cool when other people¬†take innocent lives.

After the good guys stop the very very bad guy’s plans (come on, you know the movie is going to end that way, right?) and after our hero saves the day, then what?

We go back and finish the job, but this time, we add a throwaway line of dialog said by some minor character about being sure (this time) that no one is home except for bad people.

Trust me, if the plot of London Falling really went down tomorrow, I’d be the first one cheering our side on to victory. But this movie is way too one dimensional and simplistic about how it portrays a much more complicated topic such as the state of the world.

Watch this flick if you want some cool car chases and some good action or if you’re just feeling super patriotic and want to cheer a rising body count of baddies.

Personally I’d probably not opt to see this flick, unless there were absolutely nothing else playing in the theater, and I really had a jones for popcorn.

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