Oh, What To Do

Trying to figure out whether to work on the outline to my new novel or to finish up a short story I was working on. The book outline is already in process but the short story is close to being finished.

What I should probably do is write a short story that occurs in the world of Redemption. Anyone have any suggestions? Well, regardless of what I’m going to write, I better get started on it.

1339414_question_2Oh! There is one thing I wanted to talk about. I had a discussion today with a friend of mine who pointed out that I used an “us” instead of a “we” in one of my FB posts. I explained to her that even though I realize it’s proper to write things like “They are not as cool as we,” versus “They are not as cool as us.” However, I think that when proper grammar makes one’s sentences come off as haughty or snobbish, it’s better to write in the common tongue, so to speak. Just like my friend, I know there are many purists out there, but unless I am writing a formal document, I will continue to write so that my sentences sound correct when people read them “out loud” in their minds (and, yes, I know it’s not really out loud, if it’s in one’s mind).

After hearing my position, my friend admitted that some grammar god she consults did mention that it was ok to substitute things like “us” for “we,” but only in casual conversation. I told her that I considered FB posts to be casual conversation. She did not. 🙂

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