Specter Movie Review

Despite all the bad reviews, and maybe because of them, I was not as disappointed in this film as I thought I would be. Here’s the thing in a nutshell. The movie looked great. Craig looked great. If you took most the individual scenes, each one watched on its own, was really good. The car chases were excellent. The fights were good. The romance. Well, that was just ok. Craig’s stylish good looks and Waltz as the villain were good. BUT, put together, the story was just not very compelling. I didn’t almost fall asleep as some of my friends said they almost did, but I was left with a sort of, “well, that was all right, I guess” feeling. Overall, if you’re a Bond fan, there are a couple of nice nods to the previous films worth seeing, and I’d say it was better seen on screen than on most TVs.Spectre Poster

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