The Revenant Movie Review

No plot spoilers here, but the review might spoil your desire to see the movie. You have been warned.

I’ve been looking forward to seeing “The Revenant” since the first time I saw its trailer. I finally watched it tonight, and I’m beginning to think that perhaps no movie will ever please me again. No, that can’t be the case. I loved “The Martian,” after all. The audience stood and clapped at the end of that film, and I was among them.


revenant-leoBack to “The Revenant.”

The trailers for this film made it look like an action-packed, beautifully shot, revenge movie, with maybe a little bit of supernatural stuff thrown in for good measure. The reality was that it had some amazing visual scenes, and okay, revenge DID play a part in the plot, and there were a handful of supernatural dreamy scenes added in, but was it action packed? Only in spurts. Let’s just say that there is a lot of screen time with Leo crawling and a few very long periods of time with no dialog at all. It was all very well executed, but it was slow. To me, it had the same taste and pacing as “Dances with Wolves.”

How about the revenge in the movie? I love it when bad guys get their just rewards! Anyone ever see the movie, “The Outlaw Josey Wales?” That was the one where Clint Eastwood returns home from the war to find his family dead. He sets out on a totally badass journey of revenge and makes all the bad guys pay dearly and scares the crap out of them as well. That’s more what I was hoping for with “The Revenant,” and what I didn’t get. There just wasn’t that much “revenging” as I would have liked from a screen time perspective. I think my expectations were simply misaligned. Maybe if the trailers hadn’t jacked me up for a super kick-ass, powerful revenge movie, I would’ve been more prepared for the much more sensitive piece of drama I received.

Btw, if you liked “The Revenant,” check out a great movie site, “Movies Like Movies” to find other movies that are similar!

Onto the acting. Leo and Tom gave really good performances. Parts of Leo’s were powerful and at times sentimental in a believable way. Throughout the entire movie, I had to keep reminding myself that the dude I was watching was Tom Hardy. Perfect performance from him. Leo was easier to recognize, of course, BUT this is the first movie where I thought he really looked the part of…well, of an adult. Usually, although he is one of my favorite actors, he looks like a young kid dressing up as a grown man, even in some of his best roles. He just has a boyish face, and can’t really help it. But he does not look boyish in this movie at all. Totally immersed in the role and, I think, deserving of an award.

Lastly, let’s talk about the bear. Yup. The scene was everything you’ve heard it to be, other than the nonsense about the bear having sex with poor Leo. To the twits at The Drudge Report, when a bear flips you over and rakes his claws into your body and pounces on you in an attempt to flatten the shit out of your body, that’s called an attack, not sex (for most people at least).

So, yeah go see it. In the theaters would be best because of the cinematography. And go for Leo’s and Tom’s performances which were completely worth watching. Me? I’m going to put on The Outlaw Josey Wales and get my fill of revenge.

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