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Writing Whittier wasn’t exactly easy, but the setting was already done and waiting for me in the real world. If you’ve ever been to Whittier, Alaska, you know what I mean. Check out the Whittier page on this site if you want to read more about it, but suffice to say, the strange little Alaskan town was a hard act to follow.

When I set out to write the sequel to Whittier, I knew that I wanted a place that was sort of on the way home from Alaska. And I wanted a location that had some built in mystique to it–a setting that, like Whittier, was real, but that not many people knew about.

Honestly, I can’t remember how I chanced upon the underground tunnels of Las Vegas. But once I did, I just kept finding more and more crazy information. One key piece, of course, was the mention of a serial killer nicknamed The Troll, who hunted homeless people in the storm drain tunnels under Vegas, while supposedly wielding a crowbar.

UNDER_VEGAS-COVER5webI felt sorry for the homeless folks, but as an author, I had struck gold.

One of the key concepts that I try to convey in Trent’s adventures is that it’s hard to tell whether something is supernatural in its origin or just the product of an insane mind.

Trying to walk that kind of line made for some difficult writing, but I did my best to make sure the reader was never quite sure whether what was happening could be explained logically or if there was indeed some kind of an other-worldly thing going on.

This was especially tough to accomplish because, in Whittier, the voice of the main character was one whom the reader could trust. Trent was most likely the sane person in that whole first book. But in Under Vegas… Well, let’s just say that even Trent starts to doubt his own sanity.

Well, that’s it for now. I included an entire section on what really exists under Las Vegas in the e-book, and if you get a chance to read it, I think you will enjoy it.

This suspense thriller is a fun read, but I think it is a little darker than Whittier.

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