Where I Am

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to drop a quick line to let folks know why I haven’t been so active on my blog (other than the fact that not many people are actually reading it). I’m in full press mode on the outline to the sequel to Redemption, called Equilibrium. Things are starting to roll now, and I don’t like breaking up my writing when I’m in this mode. Once I get the outline done, I will have a much better idea of when I will be done with this novel. At this time, I’m not even sure how many page it will be, but I have to say that there are several scenes already that are getting me excited. Can’t wait to actually write them! Thanks to anyone out there who is staying tuned in to my stories and my words. There will be more coming soon! – Mike

P.S. Check out the screen dump below. I love Scrivener. When I outlined Redemption, I used real note cards. This is way easier and more effective and efficient!


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